As the Director, Cameraman and Editor of this 30 second national spot, it was my responsibility to choreograph and photograph the Wrigley Doublemint Twins.  We wanted them swimming and diving in unison, photographed from both above and below the water, in a way that could be cut together into a graphically interesting, healthful appearing tv ad.

I worked closely with agency producer Gary Kaney, to come up with a style that worked well. Gary and I had just finished working together on a 1 hour Olympic special for ABC, "THE OLYMPIC CHAMPIONS & CHALLENGERS" .  We liked working together and wanted  to do another project together. Wrigley wanted a national spot which reflected the spirit of the Olympics just past, and Gary and I had just given them a whole hour of that, so we were a natural pair.

The national spots had a good long run.                                         Â© 1996 Chuck Barbee

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