The 'Kick Back in Kernville' rod run traces it's roots to the mid 1970's, when a group of 'hot rodders' living in the small, southern Sierra town of Kernville, California decided to create an excuse to get a bunch of their cars and friends together in one place at one time.  Nestled on the banks of  whitewater Kern River in the northern end of the Kern River Valley, the town of Kernville provides the ideal climate, roads and physical environment for such an event.

KICK BACK IN KERNVILLE 28, (October 10-12, 2003) was one of the best ever, with hundreds of 20's through 60's vintage cars to be seen and heard throughout the three days of the event.  Kernville itself, known as 'Whiskey Flat' during the gold rush days, is an authentic 'Old West' town with a distinctive 1950's flavor and plenty of fine accommodations.  When the town fills with these vintage cars and hot rods, it is a sight and sound to behold.

The 23 minute video, IMPRESSIONS OF KICK BACK IN KERNVILLE 28, is a celebration of Hot Rodding, Hot Rodders and the music and spirit that moves them.  In it you will meet some of the players in this expensive hobby and discover why rodding -- for many -- is a lifelong passion in pursuit of a youthful dream.


The 28th Annual 'Rod Run' to Kernville, California