Welcome to the Chuck & Tam Page.   The purpose of this web page is to provide a place to share our life with friends and family.   Because of privacy and other concerns, Face Book is no longer the way we want to do that.  We will email or message this link to those with whom we wish to share events in our lives.  Once you have this link, you may check-in from time to time, whenever you wish, to see what we're doing.  Or, when we have something special we wish to share, we will email or message you with the link.  We hope you enjoy what we have to share.

                                                                        Chuck & Tammie

In a private ceremony on the beach at their home on the Kern River, Chuck Barbee and Tammie Hartman will say their vows and commit their lives to each other in the presence of their immediate families.  The nuptials will be officiated by their close friend, Roberta Piazza Gordon.  Josh Gordon will play the Bridal Chorus on the Ukulele.  There will be a reception following the nuptials, at the Pine Cone Inn, with food, music and dancing.  We will post still photographs and video of the wedding and reception, here, as soon as we have them.

JUNE 30, 2018​