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I'm a Cameraman and Director/Cameraman whose credits and experiences cover a wide range of subjects and types of film and video work.

If you're interested in seeing more of my work, or if you're just interested in the film and video production business and want to know more about some of these subjects, please look around this site.

In addition to showcasing my work, past, present and future, I use this site to make some of my work available for sale on DVD and to publish articles and stories, both technical and human interest in nature, about my experiences in the film and video business. I also use this site to share knowledge and ideas about film or video production theory, practice, techniques, aesthetics, equipment, unions, or whatever, with anyone interested.

I hope you enjoy browsing these pages.  If you want to contact me or give feedback, please click on the CONTACT link, above. 

Chuck Barbee.